Before You List

Make a Good Impression

Getting ready to list your house is the same as going out on a first date – we have one chance to make a great first impression.
So much like a fresh haircut and a new pair of shoes, here are some elements of your home that need attention prior to listing:

Before You List

How does the front of your house look as prospective buyers pull up in their cars? Are your flowers fresh or starting to wilt? Is the lawn freshly cut? Have you tucked away the kids bikes / rollerblades / toys, etc? Are the windows sparkling and able to reflect the sunshine? Ask someone once-removed to critically assess the front of your property. When we see things every day, we sometimes lose the much-needed critical lens.

Fix Up

“But who will actually care about a small chip in the paint??” Surprisingly, your future buyer! Buyers look at every inch of the home to ensure it’s in good working order. A home with ‘little flaws’ here and there (plaster cracks, burnt-out lightbulbs, faded paint on the walls) makes the buyer question the level of care and maintenance the home has received over the years. We will walk through your home together and put in place a full review of areas that need improving. A few minor updates and repairs can help boost your homes perceived value.


Buyers want to envision themselves living in your home. That’s hard to do when all they see are your family photos and knick-knacks galore. It’s important to make the home look inviting and yet neutral enough to spark the interest of as many buyers as possible. Clean off all surfaces and declutter your closet to highlight the amount of storage available. If needed, I can bring in the right people to help you clear out the clutter and organize your home’s main areas.

Clean & Tidy

There is no room for cob-webs, dusty surfaces or grime-covered stove tops when buyers are coming through. Keep your home sparkling and fresh smelling throughout the showing period.

Staging for Success

We are experts at staging your home so that it shows off all of its’ potential. I will bring in the right professionals to organize, move, store personal items, stage and position your home for a successful sale.